Studio Overview

Studio BAYCAT hires BAYCAT graduates to work with professionals to produce effective and engaging marketing materials for clients ranging from small merchants to multinational corporations. We work with clients on a pro-bono as well as for-fee basis. What differentiates Studio BAYCAT is the signature and quality of our services.

Studio BAYCAT is the go-to marketing studio for like-minded clients who want to make a social impact while receiving high quality marketing services. Our services range from video production, web design and graphic design to full-fledged marketing campaigns. To date, Studio BAYCAT has worked with over 60 clients, provided $200,000-worth of pro-bono services, hired over 15 interns, and generated significant revenue to support the core programming of BAYCAT.

If you are interested in learning more about Studio BAYCAT, please contact the studio team at or fill out our online inquiry form.