For Employers

At BAYCAT we are changing the ecosystem of the media and creative industries. But we can’t do this without the support and partnerships of corporations and organizations willing to invest in diverse storytellers and stories with social impact. Here are ways you can help:


Hire our graduates


We teach young adults how to become great visual storytellers and media producers. We help them move from education to employment in digital media. From an impossible dream to a real job. 


Some of the roles that you can hire them for include:

  • Production Assistant

  • Production Coordinator

  • Cinematographer

  • Video Editor

  • Assistant Video Editor

  • Photographer

If you are interested in learning more, please fill free to contact us filling out this simple form.​

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Hire our Professional Studio


BAYCAT Studio is not just an award-winning video production house. We’re an award-winning video production house that works to end racism, gender discrimination, and economic inequality — through the stories we tell, the companies we partner with and the people we employ. As the professional arm of BAYCAT, we have produced meaningful, socially driven work for globally recognized clients like the Golden State Warriors, National Parks Service, Salesforce, Pixar, UCSF, and more.

At BAYCAT Studio, we know that by changing the storytellers, we’re creating more diverse stories. And with more diverse stories, we can change perceptions and eradicate stereotypes.


Hire us to make this world a more equitable place.


Become a Partner


In addition to hiring our graduates and professional Studio, there are a couple of ways you, as a corporation, can help.


Investing time

There are opportunities to volunteer with BAYCAT Academy. You could host a trip for our youth (ages 11-17,) so they can experience what working in a corporation looks like. Or people from your organization could also mentor our young adults (18-25.) 


Investing funds

Each year, BAYCAT organizes special events that showcase our youth's stories and work while inspiring our community. Sponsorships for events like our worldwide youth film premieres, or social events hosted by our young professional's council aimed to build awareness and grow support are available. 


Contact us if you are interested in partnering, and we'll find a way!



Join companies like Airbnb, Autodesk, CBS, Golden State Warriors, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, LucasFilm, Marvel Entertainment, Pixar, Sephora, SF Giants, YouTube, and Weber Shandwick, which have been hiring BAYCAT graduates since 2014. 

Click on the reels and professional profiles of our graduates below.

In hiring these talented pros, not only you will bring incredible talent to your organization, but you’ll help us in tackling the lack of diversity in the media and creative industries. A classic win-win situation. Feel free to contact them directly or reach out to us for guidance and support.


FALL 2021

Aaron Japzon
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Alyssa Urroz
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Daejona Walker
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Erica Lee
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Farrah Safari
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Jasmine Bledsoe
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John-Paul Mackey
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Joz Franco
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Melissa Franco
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Ryan Mendoza
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Sommar Washington
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Yang Li
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Matthew Ka Git Wong 

Sound Designer, Editor, Audio Mixer

Sabrina Ghidossi

Director, Editor, Production Deisgner

Jason Titus

Production coordinator,

Content Producer

Leila M. Mansour
Director, Producer

Luna Cristales

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Nina Tanujaya

Production Coordinator, Production Designer, Creative Producer

William Gale

Director, Producer, Editor

Joseph Jung.jpg

Joseph Jung

Editor, Assistant Editor

Tajianna Okechukwu

Director, Producer, Production Coordinator

Angelica Castro

Director, Producer, Cinematographer