40% of the US population are people of color. 12.6% of film directors are people of color.

Most young creatives and storytellers of color can't afford expensive schools or costly professional software.

50% of the US population are women. 11.5% of advertising creative directors are women.

The majority of young adults of color and women have no access to mentors and don’t know anyone in the industry.

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  • At BAYCAT Academy, we provide free digital media education to low-income youth of color and young women, ages 11-17 afterschool and during the summer.

  • We train, mentor and employ diverse young adult interns, ages 18-25 through BAYCAT Studio, and then support job placements at major companies and organizations.

  • BAYCAT Studio is the Bay Area’s go-to storytellers for creating authentic media with a lasting social impact. As the professional arm of BAYCAT, we have produced meaningful, socially driven work for globally recognized clients like the Golden State Warriors, National Parks Service, Salesforce, Pixar, UCSF, and more.

From Bayview kid to Emmy® winner:
The story of Iman Rodney

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