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Our Vision

BAYCAT believes that every person’s story matters. We envision a world where media and technology facilitate the telling of stories from the broadest possible range of experiences, driving people to create inclusive, equitable communities.

Our Mission

BAYCAT addresses racial, gender and economic inequity by creating powerful, authentic media while diversifying the creative industry. Through the education and employment of low-income youth, young people of color, and young women in the Bay Area, and producing media for socially-minded clients, we are changing the stories that get shared with the world.

BAYCAT's Vision & Mission

 BAYCAT by the Numbers

BAYCAT by the numbers

In the past 18 years, we've educated over 4,900 youth and launched more than 320 careers in filmmaking and storytelling.

89% of our graduates are people of color, and 57% are women.

82% of our graduates have been hired by major media, entertainment, tech, advertising and PR companies.

 Meet Our Team

Forward-thinking. Dedicated. Relentless.

BAYCAT's success is a direct result of our passionate staff and board,

made up of industry professionals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Our Team
Our Board
Eric Pearson BAYCAT

Eric Pearson



Pixar Animation Studios

I would have dreamed to have a BAYCAT when I was a kid, and now, I love making it happen for other youth and connecting them with the industry.

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Marianne Wilman BAYCAT

Marianne Wilman


Vice Chair

Business Presence, LLC

BAYCAT means building skills, generating confidence, creating opportunities. BAYCAT changes lives in front of your eyes.

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Charles Patton BAYCAT

Charles Patton




BAYCAT positively impacts the SF community due to strong leadership, a unique business model and the relationships it's built over these years.

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Cynthia Lee
Board Member

The way we can teach people is through visualization and the sharing of stories with common threads.  Without storytelling experiences, people do not realize they are projecting racism because it has become common behavior in society.  There are countless stories that need to be heard and BAYCAT is the platform to help achieve this.

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Amanda Chin-De Jesus


Board Member

Golden State Warriors

I’m really proud of the work the Warriors have been able to do with BAYCAT and personally I am really passionate about good storytelling and providing opportunities for youth.

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Chhayal Mehta


Board Member


It's my privilege to serve the BAYCAT board and empower our underserved communities, through education and job opportunities, to be the next generation of storytellers. 

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Jason Lee.jpeg

Jason Lee


Board Member

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

I joined BAYCAT because I believe they provide a platform for the expression of ideas and sharing of individual human experiences is invaluable. 

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Jason R.jpeg

Jason Robinson


Board Member


As a member of the board, I especially appreciate the unique channel for making a systemic impact on my immediate community

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Hanna Bankier


Board Member

Working Solutions Group

The way BAYCAT teaches not just the hard technical skills, but puts just as much emphasis on the much needed soft skills speaks to me. As a storyteller and as a consumer of stories, I fully understand the value and importance of diversifying the storytellers.

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Meet Our Board


Lisa Luscap


Board Member


I attended a BAYCAT youth screening event and was blown away by the insights and bravery that was conveyed through the youth pieces. Coming from tech and entertainment, I've seen the underrepresentation first hand and believe that each of us, as leaders in our own areas, need to be a part of the change we want to see.

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Kim Diaz.jpeg

Kim Diaz
Board Member

Pixar Animation Studios

BAYCAT’s mission resonates deeply with me. I was the first person to go to college in my immediate family, and one of the few women in my animation program in college.

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Ricky Spencer
Board Member
Bank of Marin

I believe in BAYCAT's mission so much because I've personally seen my family and community members benefit from their high-quality programs and the care that their team brings to each person they serve.

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Elissa Arkinstall


Board Member


As a Diversity & Inclusion champion, I’m inspired and excited by BAYCAT's vision & mission.  I love the intersection of personal & professional across storytelling, creativity & digital media to make a difference in our communities.

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Laura Z.jpeg

Lauren Zaner


Board Member


The work that the youth and teens are producing based on the lessons and support they get through BAYCAT is so impressive, and excites me about what their future has to hold individually as well as it’s broader impact on social inequity. 

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Shana Stanton
 Board Member

As an attorney in the Bay Area tech field for over ten years, I see first hand just how important it is for the next generation of creators to reflect all of the unique perspectives of our community.

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Afiya Addison

Afiya Addison
 Board Member

I am passionate about connecting young people with opportunities to help them shine, personally and professionally. As a storyteller in my day-to-day work, I understand the importance of BAYCAT in the media industry. Everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in the media they consume.

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Kirk Morris 
Board Member

Media has the power to shape our culture; connecting and informing people, and holding people and institutions accountable. It's critical those behind the camera are as representative as those in front of the screen. 

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Meet Our Builders

Our Builders
Alisa Ahmadian_Builder Headshot.jpg

Alisa Ahmadian


  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Cameo Wood

Charming Stranger Films

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Chris Cole_Builders Headshot.jpg

Chris Cole


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Gayatri Iyengar_Builders Headshot.jpeg

Gayatri Iyengar

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Janet Lee

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Kasey Morrison

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Liz Morrison
Liz Morrison Strategic Storytelling

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Madeleine Fernando

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Nicole Barton.jpeg

Nicole Barton
First Look Media

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