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Paid Internships

We are thrilled to announce BAYCAT participants of this program will be recipients of the “POC Media Maker Fund” supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Sankofa Initiative. This program re-grants media equipment to incoming BAYCAT interns & crew members who face barriers to the high cost of media gear.


Young Adults (Ages 18-25)

From technical training to a career in the digital media industry.   

The BAYCAT paid internships provide technical training for aspiring media producers and an opportunity to work with our resident professionals at BAYCAT Studio.


​The BAYCAT Studio interns build skills in digital media, including filmmaking, editing, and motion graphics. We also offer professional career coaching and mentorship, since we believe the learning the soft-skills is equally important. Interns graduate with a personal reel, a LinkedIn page, and a resume that showcases clients like The Golden State Warriors, UCSF, and the National Park Service.


​We are looking for young creatives interested in the following areas:

Production Assistance

Working on set, the production assistant supports all aspects of the film shoot. Tasks such as setting up equipment, organizing props, and supporting the producers and directors.

Production Coordination

With heavy involvement in pre-production, the production coordinator makes sure the crew is set up for success. Tasks include making arrangements before the shoot day and often supporting the producers and directors on set.


The cinematographer acts as the camera operator on set, working closely with the director of photography to capture the framing and lighting that will best communicate the director’s vision.

Video Editing &

Motion Graphics

The video editor is responsible for editing the recorded raw footage into the finished product. Most video editors learn motion graphics to be able to give movement to titles, lower thirds, and informational text.



Since 2008, we’ve propelled more than 200 interns into careers in the media and creative industries as producers, videographers, cinematographers, video editors, photographers, production assistants, and more.



82% of our graduates have been hired by major media, entertainment, tech, advertising, and PR companies — all entities that play a pivotal role in shaping the stories of our society.

Learn about the BAYCAT internship experience in this video.

Want to get an introduction to the world of digital media? Check out our one-day workshops for Young Adults.

"I really can’t express how it feels to know that BAYCAT was there for me and you are the reason I am a Cinematographer at the SF Giants! Thank you so much for getting me this opportunity!  You have been a huge part of my life and continue to be a huge part of my future.  I plan on being one of your many success stories."

— Iman Rodney 

Cinematographer & Emmy Winner
SF Giants

"After college, all I wanted was an opportunity to show the media skills I learned. BAYCAT not only gave me this opportunity, but it also let me hone my craft and break into the media industry. I never imagined I would be creating amazing work people see every day. Thank you BAYCAT, for believing in me."

— Jocelyn Carranza

Assistant Editor

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

''BAYCAT is one of those places I wish I knew about sooner. It allowed me to thrive in a field I was most passionate about, and got me the opportunity to meet with recruiters in my career. Because of BAYCAT, I am now a Production Assistant at Industrial Light & Magic and I couldn’t be more proud to have started with such an amazing program!”

— Remal Halabi 

Production Assistant

Industrial Light & Magic & Emmy

"BAYCAT ignited my passion to tell stories. Nurtured my vision and helped me develop the skills I needed to be successful in the film industry. Incredibly thankful for all of my mentors and spring 2018 cohort, they believed in me and still believe in me! "

— Mahelet Gezachew

Development and Production Coordinator at ARRAY

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect after I apply online?

The Academy team will review your application. If you are selected for an interview you will receive an email to schedule. Please note that we receive about 100 applications for 10-14 open positions and we aren’t able to offer interviews to all applicants.

How are interns selected?

Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. BAYCAT prioritizes San Francisco residents who are unemployed or underemployed. Low-income young adults of color and young women are strongly encouraged to apply.

What is the compensation?

Interns are paid hourly on a bi-weekly basis. The hourly rate is currently $17.34.

How many hours a week do I need to be available?

Currently interns must be available to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for up to 8 hours a day, 20 hours a week.



The Crew (Ages 15-18)

Hands-on learning and work experience

The CREW is a part-time job for high school students with advanced skills in filmmaking or animation. In order to participate in The CREW, students must be in grades 9-12 at the start of the program and have taken at least one filmmaking or animation class at BAYCAT, their school, or another institution.

Frequently asked questions

Who can join The CREW?

Students must be in grades 9-12 at the start of the program and have taken at least one filmmaking or animation class at BAYCAT, their school, or another institution.

How is it different from BAYCAT Youth Classes?

CREW Members are considered part-time employees of BAYCAT Academy. CREW members will work on designated media projects during the fall or spring term and will be paid by the hour. CREW members will gain experience in client communication, project management, collaborative leadership, time management, and more.

What is the time commitment?

The CREW meets twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm-6:30pm. There may be additional opportunities to work on film shoots outside of these days.

What is the compensation?

CREW members are paid by the hour, twice a month. CREW Members are paid for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 10 hours per week.