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Calling all diverse creatives, artists and storytellers! The BAYCAT Represented Media Challenge is here to give you motivation to create fresh, exciting art and compete for a chance to WIN CASH PRIZES! 


You will have one week per prompt to create your masterpiece. Submit yours by completing THIS FORM and posting your creations to your Instagram page with the hashtag #BAYCATRepresented. Every week, one grand prize winner will be awarded $200. In addition, winners have the opportunity for an optional Instagram Live Interview to talk about their creations. 

Starting November 2nd, 2020, each week for 4 weeks, @BAYCAT Instagram will post a prompt that will challenge your creativity as a GRAPHIC ARTIST and/or FILMMAKER. 

Priority consideration for Media Challenge Submissions are given to middle and high school students who are San Francisco Residents. People of color and young women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Are you ready to push your creativity to the next level? Here are the details to get you started: 




Graphic Arts Challenge #2: Re-Create It!

 🎥 Your favorite musician / band has hired you to redesign one of their album covers. Choose any music album of your preference and design a cover you would feel proud of presenting to the band or solo artist. But there’s a twist! You can only use geometric shapes and lines to create your masterpiece. Don’t know where to start? 

Take a look at the work of these amazing artists and get inspired!

You can use any art medium to create your masterpiece (digital, painting, drawing, paper collage, textile, etc). Think about what colors and shapes would best represent the essence of this music album. Mix and match, cut, overlay, multiply, have fun!

Important details and rules:

  • Recreate an album cover using geometric shapes and lines only

  • The Use of stock images, stickers,  and silhouette shapes (such as skulls, flowers, animals, etc) is not allowed

  • Your piece must include the Album Title and the Band/Musician’s name

  • Your piece must fit a 1:1 ratio (square) 

  • If done digitally make sure to save your file as a .PNG or .JPEG file

  • If done by hand make sure to scan or photograph your work

If done digitally, make sure to save your file as a .PNG or .JPEG file. If done by hand, make sure to scan or photograph your work. SUBMIT by posting it on your instagram and tagging @baycat or #BAYCATrepresented.


DEADLINE: Sunday, 12/20/2020 @ 11:59PM Pacific Time.



a) Each week of the challenge, a new prompt will be revealed on the  @BAYCAT Instagram page. Make sure to follow us so you don't miss on any details! 



a) Make your film or graphic based on the each week's prompt. Friendly reminder to be mindful of your file's type and size. We recommend .movs for your films and .pngs or .jpegs for your graphics. 


a) Craft an Artist's Statement. Tell us in 1-2 sentences why you made certain choices and how this piece represents you as a creative.   



a) Submit your work by first filling out this FORM and then posting your masterpiece on your Instagram page. Make sure to tag #BAYCATRepresented or DM us your creation to be considered. Posts without submitted forms will not be counted. If you are having trouble posting your submission, please email


Submissions will be judged on the following parameters:

  1. Artistry: Based on your story and artistic approach.

  2. Creativity: Following the rules, showing your personality and innovation.

  3. The Details: How well the contest theme is expressed in both the artwork and the written statement submissions.

  • This competition is for participants in grades 6-12 or ages 11-18 years old.

  • Priority consideration for Media Challenges are given to middle and high school students who are San Francisco Residents

  • People of color and young women are strongly encouraged to apply.


Four (4) first-place winners will receive two hundred dollars ($200.00) each.


  • All submissions have to be original works. Your piece must NOT contain logos, or copyright imagery and music, or your submission will be disqualified. 

  • Only one submission is allowed per applicant, per challenge. Only the first film or graphic entered for each applicant will be considered, and any additional films/graphics will be disqualified.

  • Posts without submitted forms will not be counted.

Before submitting, please read: Official BAYCAT Represented Media Challenge Rules.

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